Kentucky Bourbon Distillers


Speakeasy Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 94.4 proof/750ml, no age statement $30 suggested retail The story: The label may say this is bottled by the Bardstown Club Distilling Co., but that’s one of many fictitious distillery names used by Willett Distillery….

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Johnny Drum Private Stock

Johnny Drum Private Stock 101 proof Aroma: Very sweet. Caramel, light oak – and banana. Yes, banana. Taste: Nice complexity. Sweetness at first, then a wave of spice – cinnamon and nutmeg – along with a minty fire that will…

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Black Maple Hill

Black Maple Hill Bourbon 95 proof; no age listed Aroma: Very sweet. Corn, vanilla, caramel, green apple, light cinnamon, maybe a hint of maple syrup. Taste: Whoa! Much spicier on the palate than the nose would indicate. Coats the edges…

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