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Manhattan, sure; but a Brooklyn?

We’re all familiar with the Manhattan – but did you know there were cocktails named for all the New York boroughs? I didn’t until I attended The Bourbon Classic last Friday and sampled a Brooklyn mixed by Volare’s Isaac Fox,…

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Minty fresh

So, judging a julep recipe contest is harder than I thought it would be. I know, I know: I can feel the eyerolls from here. Tough job, Bourbon Babe! But hey, you taste 10 different – VERY different, in some…

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Join me for desserts and bourbon

Lots of people enjoy a bourbon before dinner, then switch to coffee with dessert. But the flavor profile of bourbon – vanilla, caramel, dark fruit, spices – pairs beautifully with many dessert options. Learn more about serving bourbon with dessert by joining me, the Bourbon Babe,…

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