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A whiskey emoji? >:-(

Our long national nightmare may soon be over: Starting next year, there may finally be an emoji for whiskey drinkers. The Unicode Consortium, which standardizes characters and emojis across operating systems, announced this week that this glass of whiskey on…

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Bernheim Original Straight Wheat Whiskey

90 proof; 7 years old $29.99/750ml The story: Heaven Hill has changed the label on its Bernheim Wheat Whiskey to carry an age statement – the exact opposite of what some brands have done recently. When Bernheim was launched in…

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Henry Watterson’s Classic Mint Julep

With the 140th running of the Kentucky Derby just one day away, it’s time again to share my favorite mint julep recipe, attributed to Henry Watterson, the colorful and sometimes controversial editor of The Courier-Journal: “Pluck the mint gently from…

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