Tag: Chris Fletcher

Wheel of fortunate

My reporting at Buffalo Trace for an upcoming story led me to the lab, where I encountered this beautiful piece of furniture: the tasting table. It’s here that the distillery maintains the flavor profiles of its products. Each day, a glass of whatever brands are…

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A taste of the past at Oxmoor Estate

The room smelled like bourbon and books. And with good reason. I was standing in the library at Oxmoor Estate – the largest private library in the state of Kentucky and one of the three largest in the country. Ten thousand…

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Bourbon dinner with the Pilgrims

Bourbon and Banter, a group of bourbon enthusiasts based in St. Louis, Mo., made a pilgrimage to Kentucky over the weekend. They visited several distilleries from a base in Louisville, and I joined them Friday for a three-course dinner at…

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