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Women, whiskey and wit

That’s bourbon royalty you’re looking at there, y’all. You might recognize Jimmy Russell, longtime master distiller at Wild Turkey. You might not know his wife, Joretta. She tends to stay in the background when he is holding forth at a…

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Tuesday’s Shot of Bourbon Trivia

It’s fairly well known that Marge Samuels, wife of Bill Samuels Sr., came up with the name, the label and the now-iconic red-wax seal for the Maker’s Mark brand. But did you know she had to fight to keep the shape of the…

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Join me for juleps at the Ice House

The Bourbon Babe is thrilled to announce that she – er, “I” – will be one of the judges this year for Four Roses’ 10th Annual Rose Julep Recipe Contest. I’ll be joined on April 18 at the Ice House…

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