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White Julep

Last month, I tasted Jacob’s Ghost, the new white whiskey from Jim Beam. It’s aged for at least a year in a charred white-oak barrel; the tinge of resulting color is filtered out, leaving it clear, but the aging gives it a…

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Jacob’s Ghost

Jacob’s Ghost from Jim Beam Aged at least one year; 80 proof Suggested retail: $21.99/750ml Jim Beam joins the white whiskey trend with Jacob’s Ghost, named for founding father Jacob Beam. Unlike unaged white dog, this is aged for at…

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A nice day for a white whiskey?

Over the past few years, we’ve seen lots of new bourbons hit the shelves. Right alongside them has been a growing collection of bottles filled with a clear spirit. Variously labeled white whiskey, unaged whiskey or the colloquial white dog, this is “pre-bourbon,” the…

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