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Evan Williams Cherry Reserve

Yesterday’s pop quiz question about adding flavor to bourbon reminded me that I hadn’t yet opened my sample size of Evan Williams Cherry Reserve, the latest entry in the growing category of flavored bourbons. I have to say, I was a little offended at first…

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Pop quiz: Answers

As promised, the answers to this morning’s Pop Quiz: 1. TRUE. Under the 1964 law that governs the production of bourbon, at least 51 percent of the grain used must be corn – most distillers use 65 to 75 percent….

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Ch-ch-ch cherry bomb

“Can cherry bourbon woo women without scaring off men?” That’s the question posed by Advertising Age this week in a story about the increasing number of flavored bourbons, such as Jim Beam’s black cherry-flavored Red Stag, that hope to appeal ”to…

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