I thoroughly enjoy your blog! I have a very important question, I am a broke college student. What is my best option for cheap, reasonable tasting bourbon? A lot of times I just get W.L. Wellers because its 18 dollars after tax and I cant argue with that price. Any other suggestions?

You can’t go wrong with W.L. Weller. Other good choices: Ancient Ancient Age 10 Year Old, mentioned in my look back at 2012 entry and also about $18; Old Grand-Dad Bottled in Bond ($19), a high-rye bourbon from Jim Beam (the “grand-dad” is Basil Hayden); and Old Forester from Brown-Forman (around $15), an oldie-but-goodie with lots of caramel and fruit – see if you catch a whiff of banana. Thanks for reading, and happy sampling.

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