Bourbon Women, unite!

It’s happened more than once. I’m at a restaurant or bar with my husband. He, an aspiring oenophile, orders a glass of wine; I order a bourbon. The waiter brings the drinks – and guess which one he sets in front of me.

Bourbon traditionally hasn’t been marketed to women, but that is finally changing. There are more bourbons to choose from than ever, and classic bourbon cocktails like the Manhattan and the Old Fashioned are enjoying a resurgence of popularity.

A new organization, the Bourbon Women  Association, is bringing together women who’ve been enjoying bourbon for years and those who are new to the spirit. As a charter member, I can tell you that Bourbon Women events provide a sampling of great bourbons and food pairings in a fun, relaxed environment.

Individual membership in the Bourbon Women Association is $50. You can find out more on their website, which launched this week. Click here.

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