Rock Hill Farms

To celebrate Repeal Day, I enjoyed a glass of Buffalo Trace’s Rock Hill Farms Single Cask Bourbon. Michael Jackson (the dead beer/whisky critic, not the dead singer/dancer) once recommended trying Rock Hill with a double chocolate-chip cookie or rocky road ice cream. I chose to pair it with this lovely dark-chocolate wafer cookie, as I did at my recent Bourbon Babe bourbon tasting. The chocolate tempers the fire of the bourbon, while the bourbon lengthens the finish of the chocolate. It’s pretty sweet – try it! Meanwhile, here are my Official Tasting Notes:

Rock Hill Farm Single Cask Bourbon

100 proof

Aroma: Vanilla, oak, cereal grain, raisins

Taste: Chocolate, toffee, spice up front and on the semi-dry finish.

Verdict: This is one of my favorite Buffalo Trace bourbons. It’s smooth and rich and it goes great with chocolate, which makes it an ideal after-dinner drink. Bonus: It comes in an uncommonly attractive bottle.

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