Missed it by … that much

Let me say up front that I love Louisville’s L & N Wine Bar and Bistro, and that probably when you visit an establishment with “wine” right in the name of it, that is what you should drink there – and usually that is what I drink there. But it was the holidays, and I was more in the mood for a cocktail, and I had just read Esquire’s Rule No. 433 of Holiday Drinking (“A slug of whiskey is not a holiday drink. Unless you drop a cinnamon stick in it.”), so I ordered a cocktail ($10) made with bourbon infused in-house with cinnamon and apples.

It was presented very stylishly (above), albeit so cold that I had to sort of chip the carafe out of its icy prison, and it smelled wonderful. But the infused flavors so overwhelmed the bourbon that I felt like I was drinking potpourri, which to be honest had never even occurred to me as a beverage option. It did leave a nice aftertaste, I should add. But in future, I’ll stick to the wine at L & N.

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