Mad about Four Roses

Fans of AMC’s “Mad Men,” which finally returns for Season 5 with a two-hour episode at 9 p.m. EDT Sunday, know how meticulous the show’s creators are in recreating its 1960s-era time period. That accuracy extends to the contents of the desks at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.

In a piece that aired earlier this week, Elizabeth Moss, who plays Peggy and is shown above in a still with Jon Hamm as dapper Don Draper, pulled open a drawer in her office to show ABC News’ Chris Connelly a bottle of Four Roses. (To view the piece, click here. Pay particular attention around the 1:23-minute mark.)

Al Young, Four Roses brand ambassador, historian and author of the book “Four Roses: Return of a Whiskey Legend,” confirmed for The Bourbon Babe that the bottle shown in the clip appears to be an authentic 1960s-era bottle of Four Roses, although he could not confirm the year without seeing the bottom of the bottle. At this time in Four Roses’ history, the bottle would have held blended whiskey, as opposed to the straight bourbon now sold under that label.

Thanks to my friend Jackie Hutcherson Parker for pointing out the clip!

Image: AMC

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