Bourbon and basketball

In case you haven’t noticed, bourbon isn’t the only thing we’re good at here in Kentucky. We are also pretty good at college basketball. And our basketball fans are just as passionate about their teams as they are about their bourbons. So with the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville facing off in the NCAA Final Four on Saturday, it’s going to get pretty crazy around here this week.

The craziness extends to the very highest levels of local government. Today, the mayors of Louisville and Lexington talked some good-natured smack and gave each other gifts to help ease the pain of the inevitable defeat to come. Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer sent Lexington Mayor Jim Gray a bottle of Woodford Reserve (made by Louisville-based Brown-Forman) “to help numb his sorrows when UL beats UK.” Mayor Gray responded with a gift of Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale, made by Lexington’s Alltech, to help Louisville’s loss go down easier.

Whatever the outcome on Saturday, this much is certain: The state of Kentucky will have a team in the championship game. And I’ll drink to that.

(Photo borrowed from Mayor Fischer’s Facebook page)

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