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The sun shines bright on my Old Kentucky Home – which is entirely appropriate as today is the 138th running of the Kentucky Derby.

The Bourbon Babe will be heading to the track shortly, but before I go, I’ll give you a tip – free of charge! – on how to bet today.

Am I a serious handicapper? No. But I’ve done pretty well over the years using my tried-and-true betting method: picking the horse by its name. In 1997, I had Silver Charm because I collect silver charms for a bracelet. In 2004, I backed Smarty Jones because I have a smart (and smart-aleck) friend whose last name is Jones. Most notably, in 2005 I put $5 to win on a horse called Giacomo because I read in the paper the morning of the race that his owner, who was friends with Sting, named him after one of Sting’s sons. Giacomo went off at 50-1, and 2:02.75 minutes later I was about $300 richer.

So who’s my Derby horse? As a bourbon blogger there is really only one choice: I’ll Have Another. Because whether he wins or loses, you can bet that’s what I’ll be doing.

Happy Derby!

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