Bourbon Babe abroad: Sangria

Sangria is a marvelous, fruity, wine-based punch that has its origins in Spain, and we did our darndest to sample it just about everywhere we went on our recent trip. This batch, enjoyed under an umbrella on the Plaza Mayor in Madrid, was the best, with the red wine slightly more predominant than the fruit. Just looking at that photo is making me thirsty. We tasted lots of variations, though. Sangria typically includes red wine, fruit, sugar and club soda or ginger ale, but recipes can vary widely.

Not everyone in our party always wanted sangria, but many if not most places offered it only by the pitcher. A friend I was traveling with gave me this tip for getting around that, and I pass it on to you: Order a glass of Tinto de Verano – literally ”red wine of summer” but often referred to as ”poor man’s sangria.” The bartender will fill a glass halfway with red wine and top it off with orange soda – which is surprisingly good, and a cheap way to fake sangria at home too. De nada!

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