Drunken cherries

Every day, my faithful assistant, Google, delivers a list of stories and online posts that mention “bourbon” to my inbox. When I spotted a blog called “Gastronomical Sovereignty” on the list, I knew I had to check that out. I was not disappointed.

Kristy Gardner of Victoria, B.C., describes her blog as “one woman’s ethical culinary adventures… with wine, of course,” but on this particular day she had diverted to bourbon, sharing a recipe for Bourbon-Soaked Cherries that she uses in her newfound love, the Old Fashioned:

“Something I’ve taken to in the past few weeks is bourbon in general, and Old Fashioneds in particular. There’s just something so rugged and burly about sipping hard liquor out of a rocks glass. And despite social conventions, sometimes it’s nice – as a lady – to get a little rugged and burly. And I’m not talkin’ Hugh Jackman… though he may be nice, too. It’s a power drink – and I am powerful. All on my own. Plus it tastes good.”

That’s her photo up there – don’t those cherries look amazing? Her blog is filled with amazing recipes and photos, and I recommend it unreservedly, if only because she begins each entry with something like, “Good Wednesday morning to you lovelies!” So be sure to click around after you read about the cherries here.

Thanks, Google. Take an extra coffee break today.

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