Joy’s Ginger Snap

I recently sampled a cocktail at Jack’s Lounge in Louisville that is perfect for fall sipping: Joy’s Ginger Snap, created, of course, by that Bad Girl of Bourbon, Joy Perrine. Its ginger and brown sugar flavors blend beautifully with bourbon and evoke cookies and bonfires and all sorts of seasonal goodness.

The Ginger Snap will also be featured on the cover of “The Kentucky Bourbon Cocktail Book, Vol. 2,” Joy’s second collaboration with writer Susan Reigler, which is scheduled to be published by University Press of Kentucky in spring of 2014. Here is the recipe:

Joy’s Ginger Snap

2 oz. Old Fitzgerald (or your favorite bourbon)

3/4 oz. Southern Brown Sugar Syrup

1/2 oz. Sunrise Ginger Syrup

Large lemon wedge

Splash of ginger ale

Combine first three ingredients over ice and shake. Pour into cocktail glass. Squeeze and drop in lemon wedge and add a splash of ginger ale. Enjoy!

Note: Both syrups are made by Kilimanjaro Foods, In the Louisville area, Westport Whiskey & Wine, Rainbow Blossom, Paul’s Fruit Market and Lotsa Pasta , among others, carry Kilimanjaro products.

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