Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection

The new Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection, being released in 47 U.S. markets this week, is a batching of mature Woodford Reserve bourbon aged in oak barrels and then finished in barrels made from maple wood, sherry wood and port wood. Woodford Reserve Four Wood is the seventh in the Master’s Collection series.

“I initiated the exploration of finishing mature Woodford Reserve in various types of barrels in 1999. Fortified wine, still wine and various spirits barrels were tried,” Woodford master distiller Chris Morris told me. “Some of these trials went on for years, so we have a good database of what works, what doesn’t and the ‘how longs,’ what proof, etc. Since a number of brands have come out with singular fortified wine finishes, that has become a somewhat common practice. The Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection is not to be a ‘common’ product, so the Four Wood expression is not just meant to be a finish product but also an example of the ‘blender’s art’ – except in our case we would say the ‘batcher’s art.’ This since every drop in the bottle is Woodford Reserve. I also wanted a balanced product so that one could discern the impact of each wood in the glass.”

Here are Chris’ tasting notes for Woodford Reserve Four Wood:

Color: Rich orange caramel.

Aroma: Full, rich and buttery with an intensely fruity (fig, raisin, dried cherry, baked peach) character that is sweetened with hints of maple syrup and toffee.

Flavor: Warm and full-bodied with a medley of baked fruit character that layers over a nutty,spicy range of honeyed oak and caramel.

Finish: Long warm and sensuous.

Woodford Reserve Four Wood, 94.4 proof, will retail for around $99.99 for the 750ml bottle.

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