Bourbon Women shopping event


Four Roses Master Distiller Jim Rutledge has some of the best penmanship in the bourbon business. I drew this conclusion after watching him sign bottle after bottle at the Bourbon Women Association’s holiday shopping event at the Springhurst Liquor Barn on Thursday. Many of the bottles had the special “BW” label – they were bottled from a barrel hand-selected by members of the Bourbon Women board.

Besides discounts on just about everything in the store, attendees enjoyed appetizers created by a Sullivan University chef, who demonstrated how to make them; tastings of 15 food products available at Liquor Barn; and a delicious punch created by Jacquelyn Zykan, bar manager at Doc Crow’s and La Coop.


I always learn something at Bourbon Women events, and what I learned this time, from Zykan, is that the word “punch” comes from a word that meant “five,” because punch traditionally has five ingredients: water, sugar, spice, fruit and alcohol. This punch mixed Four Roses Yellow Label Bourbon with lemons and Chai tea (for the spice).

Finally, while browsing the store I came across this sign. It originally referenced some decorative martini glasses with figurines perched in them, but I thought it was hilariously apt for this particular event:


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