On the wings of Angel’s Envy


As promised, here is Part Two of my recap of a recent bourbon event at the Filson Historical Society. After Michael Veach led us through tastings of three vintage bourbons, the Hendersons of Louisville Distilling Co. shared some samples of their Angel’s Envy and Angel’s Envy Cask Strength, along with some exciting news.

Angel’s Envy is bourbon that is aged up to six years in charred white-oak barrels, then finished in ruby port wine casks for three to six months. It’s the creation of famed master distiller Lincoln Henderson. Lincoln wasn’t at the Filson; that’s his grandson, Kyle Henderson, in the photo above. Kyle’s dad, Wes Henderson, also attended the Filson event, but by the time he spoke I was too busy sipping to take more photos.

Anyway, in addition to Angel’s Envy, the Hendersons poured some of the limited-release Cask Strength, which was aged for two years in the port wine casks. As I said in my review, I found the Cask Strength to be too much of a good thing. I prefer the original recipe, with its nicely balanced flavors and velvety mouth feel. That nice viscosity, by the way, was a happy accident, Wes told us; the bourbon picked up microscopic particles of grape while it was in those casks.

Here are some other interesting things he told us:

  • The 60-gallon port wine casks are shipped from Portugal.
  • Each port wine cask is used about three times by Louisville Distilling.
  • Angel’s Envy is one of the fastest-growing small-batch bourbons on the market. It’s now sold in 25 states and Louisville Distilling shipped 22,000 cases in 2012, its first full year.
  • He thought the first version of Angel’s Envy’s distinctive bottle, below, was too feminine and had it “manned up” a little, with broader shoulders. Note: Some of us bourbon drinkers don’t find feminine to be a problem.

I also teased some exciting news, didn’t I? Here it is: Louisville Distilling Co. will extend its permanent line with a new release in April or May. Unfortunately, we promised not to reveal what it will be. I will honor that promise, but I think I can safely say it’s another “finished” product, and I can’t wait to try it.

Wes also said that Louisville Distilling Co. is in the “final stages” of opening its long-awaited distillery on Main Street. “By this time next year, we will be making our own juice,” he vowed.


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