Blueberry Bourbon Smash

Blueberry Bourbon SmashHere is a terrific brunch cocktail I came across at The Girl in the Little Red Kitchen: the Blueberry Bourbon Smash. Bursting with the fresh flavors of plump blueberries and mint from the garden, it will go down easy all summer long. (Because I don’t enjoy picking mint out of my teeth, I substituted Keep It Simple Syrup, a spearmint-infused syrup, for the simple syrup and muddled leaves, choosing to use the leaves as a garnish only.)


Blueberry Bourbon Smash



9 fresh mint leaves

10 fresh blueberries

½ ounce simple syrup (or Keep It Simple Syrup)

juice from ½ lemon

2 ounces bourbon

crushed ice


In your cocktail shaker muddle the mint leaves, blueberries, simple syrup and lemon juice together. (Omit the mint leaves if you’re using Keep It Simple Syrup.)

Pour in the bourbon and shake.

Fill a rocks glass to the top with crushed ice and pour over the ice without straining.

Garnish with a whole mint leaf and blueberries.

Makes 1 cocktail

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