5 sure (bourbon) bets for Derby

Blanton's 2The 141st Kentucky Derby is just three days away. Post positions will be drawn at 5:30 p.m. EDT, which will determine the favorites for this year’s field.

If you’re hoping for betting advice here, you’re out of luck: With a 20-horse field, it’s anybody’s race. However, I do have five sure bourbon bets for your Derby drinking pleasure. As I do when choosing horses, I have let the names guide me a bit. But rest assured, all of these are winners – and all of them should be readily available. Serve them at your Derby party and your guests will go home happy, even if they don’t cash a ticket.

Blanton’s: With its horse-topped stopper, this sippable small batch also serves as Derby party decor.

Four Roses Small Batch1792 Ridgemont Reserve: Honor the year that My Old Kentucky Home became a Commonwealth with this Bardstown bourbon.

Rock Hill Farms: Especially good with dessert (Derby pie, anyone?), this rich bourbon will also dress up the bar with its beautiful horse-adorned bottle.

Four Roses Small Batch: Because everyone wants to bring home the Roses on Derby Day.

Booker’s: You’ve placed your bets with your bookie; this high-octane single barrel is just the ticket forĀ toasting your victory — or drowning your sorrows.



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