Four Roses Warehouse & Bottling


624 Lotus Road, Cox’s Creek, KY 40013, 502-543-2264

PRODUCTS: Four Roses Yellow, Single Barrel, and Small Batch; limited edition bottlings

Alone among Kentucky distilleries, Four Roses ages its bourbon in single-story warehouses, which the company believes leads to fewer temperature variations and a smoother bourbon. You’ll learn more about Four Roses’ warehousing and bottling here, then move to the tasting room to
sample what’s inside those bottles.


If you’re participating in a single-barrel selection, this is where you’ll go as well. A Four Roses representative will pull samples from each of the distillery’s 10 unique recipes and you’ll taste them straight from the barrel, then choose the barrel you wish to purchase for bottling. (This process must be conducted through a distributor.)

To see where and how the bourbon that’s aged here is produced, you’ll need to travel to Lawrenceburg, Ky., to visit the Four Roses Distillery.

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