Bon Appetit on Bourbon

“Southerners drink bourbon like the French drink wine: with pride and abandon,” begins a fine blog post on Bon Appetit Daily titled “15 Very Important Things You Should Know About Bourbon.” How many do you know? Find out here.

New: Double Oaked Woodford

Coming in March to a liquor store near you (if you’re lucky): Woodford Reserve Double Oaked bourbon, the first permanent new product in the Woodford line in its 15-year history. This ultra-premium bourbon is aged in two unique oak barrels….

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All signs point to bourbon

Gill Holland, co-owner of The Green Building at 732 E. Market St. in Louisville’s NuLu District, wants to establish Louisville as the “Gateway to Bourbon Country.” And now a new bike rack sculpture in front of the building is pointing the…

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A Late Night with David Chang

David Chang, owner and chef of Momofuku restaurants (the name means “Lucky Peach”), recently gave a slightly inebriated bourbon tutorial on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.” He noted that bourbon production is governed by several rules and regulations. “It has to be in new…

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This just in: Bourbon rules

This has been a great year for bourbon. But don’t take my word for it. No less an authority than The New York Times agrees. A story headlined “Bourbon’s All-American Roar” published over the weekend outlined the “singularly American success…

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A new Kentucky distiller

Congratulations to Limestone Branch Distillery in Marion County, Ky., holder of a brand-new Distilled Spirits Plant permit. This craft distillery was founded last year by brothers Steve and Paul Beam (distant cousins of Jim Beam), who plan to make white…

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Raise your glass

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. No, not the holidays: Repeal Day. On this day in 1933, Utah ratified the 21st Amendment, becoming the final state needed for a three-quarters majority and officially repealing the 18th Amendment, commonly…

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I’ll drink to that!

Love, love, love this graphic from Ragan’s PR Daily that illustrates the article, “8 tips to make the writing process easier,” the lead of which perfectly sums up my feelings toward my chosen profession: “No one who writes for a living…

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The Old-Fashioned: A history

It has been said that you are what you eat. Apparently, you are also what you drink – especially when it comes to the Old-Fashioned. In a column on, Troy Patterson ruminates on the history of this “uniquely venerable…

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