Bourbon Woman: Jean Neighbors

Meet Jean Neighbors, bartender at Jockey Silks Bourbon Bar in the Galt House: Whether you are a bourbon aficionado or a complete novice, Jean will steer you right. For one thing, she has a lot of bourbon behind her. Jockey…

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We tried a beer brewed in a whiskey/bourbon barrel. Best beer ever, I’d rather drink bourbon anyway. Is the biggest difference between Jack Daniels and say Maker’s the type of wood or content of the mash.

The difference between bourbon like Maker’s Mark and Jack Daniels, a Tennessee whiskey, is that Jack is filtered through charcoal before aging, which adds another flavor. And yes, there are some wonderful bourbon-barrel beers out there. I’m not sure where you are, but…

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Collaring the White Dogs

If you’ve scanned the bourbon/whiskey shelves at your local spirit retailer lately, you may have noticed a proliferation of bottles filled with clear liquid and colorfully marketed as moonshine, unaged whiskey or “white dog,” the term distillers give to bourbon…

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‘Any Way She Likes It’

That was the name of an educational tasting session led by master taster Peggy Noe Stevens, founder of the Bourbon Women Association, at the Kentucky Bourbon Festival in Bardstown, Ky., on Friday. The sold-out event drew women (and a few…

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Ch-ch-ch cherry bomb

“Can cherry bourbon woo women without scaring off men?” That’s the question posed by Advertising Age this week in a story about the increasing number of flavored bourbons, such as Jim Beam’s black cherry-flavored Red Stag, that hope to appeal ”to…

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Great moments in bourbon

To keep the Bourbon Heritage Month celebration rolling, here is a bit of Bourbon Trivia: The system of barrel ricking that is used in whiskey warehouses to this very day was patented right here in Louisville, Ky., by one Fredrick…

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Bourbon Barrel Loft rollout

Four Roses first came to Louisville in 1884 when founder Paul Jones Jr. opened an office on Main Street’s Whiskey Row. One hundred twenty-seven years later, “it’s great to be back,” master distiller Jim Rutledge said yesterday during the official opening…

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Kindred spirits

When I was in college, “bourbon” meant Maker’s Mark, and “rum” meant Bacardi, each mixed with Diet Coke, of course. Now that I’m a grown-up, I still enjoy Maker’s (although I have stopped desecrating it). But aside from the occasional…

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‘Deadwood’ on bourbon

Cy Tolliver: Mr. Wolcott, how do you do? And what do you drink? Francis Wolcott: Kentucky bourbon, if you’ve got it. Cy Tolliver: Pour Mr. Wolcott a bourbon, Jack, and tell him it’s from Kentucky.