Kindred spirits

When I was in college, “bourbon” meant Maker’s Mark, and “rum” meant Bacardi, each mixed with Diet Coke, of course. Now that I’m a grown-up, I still enjoy Maker’s (although I have stopped desecrating it). But aside from the occasional…

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‘Deadwood’ on bourbon

Cy Tolliver: Mr. Wolcott, how do you do? And what do you drink? Francis Wolcott: Kentucky bourbon, if you’ve got it. Cy Tolliver: Pour Mr. Wolcott a bourbon, Jack, and tell him it’s from Kentucky.

Bourbon Women, unite!

It’s happened more than once. I’m at a restaurant or bar with my husband. He, an aspiring oenophile, orders a glass of wine; I order a bourbon. The waiter brings the drinks – and guess which one he sets in front of me….

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You bet your glass?

After generally scoffing at the notion of “varietally correct stemware” for most of my drinking life, I had the opportunity to try a Riedel wine tasting last year that absolutely stunned me. Wines both white and red that tasted, you…

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Wondering if that’s Bourbon Babe’s ride? Yes.

Nice package

A recent entry about Angel’s Envy started me thinking about packaging. With its tall, curvaceous, wing-shaped bottle, Angel’s Envy certainly catches the eye. But it’s not the only bourbon that’s bottled beautifully. Any discussion of iconic bottles would have to…

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Bond. Bottled in Bond.

While scanning the bourbon shelves recently, I noticed several brands identified as “Bottled in Bond” – among them Old Bourbon Hollow, Very Old Barton and Heaven Hill’s Henry McKenna Single Barrel, which carries this nifty embossed tag around its neck….

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Cool option for a hot night

I don’t limit my bourbon consumption to the colder months of the year, but during a hot spell like the one we’re having in Kentucky, even I think twice about a drink known for its warming qualities. So when I…

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True or not, it’s a good story

It’s said that once when Mark Twain was traveling, a luggage inspector asked whether his suitcase contained anything other than clothing. No, Mr. Twain assured him. Suspicious, the inspector opened the case – and found a fifth of bourbon. “Ah,”…

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