Bourbon Women shopping event

Four Roses Master Distiller Jim Rutledge has some of the best penmanship in the bourbon business. I drew this conclusion after watching him sign bottle after bottle at the Bourbon Women Association’s holiday shopping event at the Springhurst Liquor Barn…

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Thursday Bourbon Buzz

Folks here in Louisville, Ky., are still buzzing about Lonely Planet’s designation of our fair city as the top U.S. travel destination for 2013. Or maybe we all just had too much bourbon celebrating Repeal Day yesterday. Either way, it’s all…

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Toast Repeal Day with bathtub gin

If you’ve ever wondered what bathtub gin is – or what it tastes like – you should sign up for the Spirits of Prohibition class at Moonshine University, part of the Distilled Spirits Epicenter in Louisville. The class is scheduled…

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Vote the Cocktail Party 2012

Well, tomorrow is finally Election Day, and after a fun event at Maker’s Mark Distillery on Saturday night, I can honestly say that I fully support… the Cocktail Party. My husband and I joined several hundred other Maker’s Mark Ambassadors…

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Join me for desserts and bourbon

Lots of people enjoy a bourbon before dinner, then switch to coffee with dessert. But the flavor profile of bourbon – vanilla, caramel, dark fruit, spices – pairs beautifully with many dessert options. Learn more about serving bourbon with dessert by joining me, the Bourbon Babe,…

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A taste of the past at Oxmoor Estate

The room smelled like bourbon and books. And with good reason. I was standing in the library at Oxmoor Estate – the largest private library in the state of Kentucky and one of the three largest in the country. Ten thousand…

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Party on, Maker’s Mark

In this trying election season, I finally have a cause I can get behind wholeheartedly: the Cocktail Party. Leave it to the folks at Maker’s Mark to find us all some common ground. If you’re a Maker’s Mark ambassador, you…

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It’s starting to get cold here in Kentucky. Bourbon aging in barrels will start to contract, drawing with it the flavors and colors of the wood and the char.

Art Eatables: Small-batch truffles

Today is the soft opening for Art Eatables, a new chocolate shop on Fourth Street in downtown Louisville featuring the small-batch bourbon truffles of Kelly Ramsey. Kelly calls herself “the Cocktail Chocolatier,” and with good reason. Her chocolates are not the bourbon balls that…

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Fall is my favorite season in Los Angeles, watching the birds change color and fall from the trees. David Letterman