Vote the Cocktail Party 2012

Well, tomorrow is finally Election Day, and after a fun event at Maker’s Mark Distillery on Saturday night, I can honestly say that I fully support… the Cocktail Party. My husband and I joined several hundred other Maker’s Mark Ambassadors for the final Cocktail Party event at the mother ship in Loretto, Ky., where we enjoyed live music; a lesson in pairing food and bourbon; terrific duck sausage prepared by Busta Grill from Louisville; a quick chat with Bill Samuels Jr.; and, of course, bourbon. The Maker’s 46 warmed us up, but while the red-white-and-blue cocktail created for the event gets points for creativity, the actual taste left us a bit cold. We opted not to stand in line to dip a bottle (although many ambassadors, like those below, did), instead purchasing a commemorative glass, above.

It was nice to see all that red and blue mingling in harmony, and who can argue with the Cocktail Party slogan: “Life, liberty and the pursuit of bourbon”?

Remember, here in Kentucky no alcohol may be served or purchased while the polls are open on Tuesday (6 a.m. to 6 p.m.). Heaven Hill and Woodford Reserve will be closed on Nov. 6 and other distilleries will have limited hours and tours, so call ahead to avoid disappointment. (And if you happen to be flying through or into Louisville from elsewhere, please don’t give the servers at the airport bars a hard time; they didn’t pass the silly alcohol laws.)

Whatever party you support, please exercise your right to vote on Tuesday, and whether you’re celebrating later or drowning your sorrows, do so responsibly.

I’m the Bourbon Babe, and I approve this message.

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