Pop quiz!

Last week I led a bourbon tasting for several dozen women here in Louisville, Ky. As part of the proceedings, I conducted a quick True/False quiz to see how much they knew about the production of the spirit we were enjoying. True to form, the ladies knew their bourbon. Let’s see if you do. I’ll post the answers later today.

1. True or False: The main ingredient of bourbon is corn.

2. True or False: Barrels are charred before filling them with bourbon to create a better seal.

3. True or False: It’s OK to add a flavoring, such as cherry, to bourbon.

4. True or False: Once it’s been used to age bourbon, a white-oak barrel cannot be used again.

5. True or False: Bourbon must be produced in Kentucky.

(Photo: Barrels at Wild Turkey Distillery in Lawrenceburg, Ky.)

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