Woodford Reserve Double Oaked

Woodford Reserve Double Oaked

90.4 proof (same as Woodford Reserve)

The first addition to Woodford Reserve’s permanent product line is created by aging the bourbon in two custom-made barrels – the second barrel toasted twice as long as the first and only lightly charred.

Aroma: Cinnamon, vanilla; spicy and a little nutty.

Taste: A lot of spice on the frontĀ – cinnamon, nutmeg. The flavor warms and intensifies a bit mid-palate, not unlike a red hot, but it’s balanced with sweet hints of vanilla andĀ caramel. Smooth, dry finish with a lingering taste of oak (duh).

Verdict: Considering the name, the Double Oaked had less of an oak presence than I expected. It’s spicier than Woodford Reserve, but not fiery; like the original recipe, this is a very balanced bourbon. I liked it well enough that I’d order it again at a bar, but I’m not sure I’d purchase a bottle of Double Oaked over a bottle of Woodford, especially considering the price difference ($50 versus around $34).

Bonus fun: Test your Woodford Reserve knowledge with this online quiz. Answer all 10 questions correctly and get a free personalized plate for your bottle of Double Oaked while supplies last.

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