Woodford Reserve Four Wood

Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection: Four Wood

94.4 proof

The 2012 Master’s Collection entry by Chris Morris, the seventh in the series, batches Woodford Reserve fully aged in white oak and then finished in maple barrels, sherry barrels and ruby port barrels. Woodford Reserve provided the Bourbon Babe with a sample of Four Wood, which retails for around $99 for the 750ml bottle.

Aroma: One of the most luscious noses I’ve encountered in bourbon. Very buttery, lots of toffee, with dried fruit (raisin) and a whiff of maple sweetness.

Taste: Tingly on the lips and the front of the palate; warm, but not fiery in the middle. Flavors of dark fruit are quickly overtaken by a nutty, oaky essence. I didn’t find the butter or the toffee promised in the nose. The finish is fairly dry and spiced with cinnamon.

Verdict: This is a good bourbon, but if the taste had lived up to that amazing nose, it would be a great bourbon.  

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