New: Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel


Jimmy and Eddie Russell have cooked up a new product over at Wild Turkey: Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. At 110 proof, it should have a bigger kick than Russell’s Reserve (90) or the Wild Turkey whiskeys, which range in proof from 81 to 101.

It’s also “non-chill-filtered,” meaning the distillery is bypassing the step before bottling where whiskey is chilled and then passed through a filter that absorbs fatty acids and other proteins. Wild Turkey says this Russell’s Reserve will therefore have a deeper color and more flavor compounds for “an unparalleled burst of flavor in every sip.”

Their tasting notes: “Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel delivers a burst of intense vanilla and hints of burnt orange, along with tastes of licorice and anise seed, culminating with a rich and long finish.”

The Single Barrel (750ml) will be available nationwide, priced at $49.99. I have been promised a sample and will share my review with you soon. We’ll see if Jimmy Russell comes through on his promise that this bottling takes Russell’s Reserve “to another level.”

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