Elijah Craig Barrel Proof


Elijah Craig Barrel Proof

134.2 proof; 12 years old


This limited-edition, non-chill-filtered bourbon was released by Heaven Hill in late March and capitalizes on the recent trend toward higher-proof offerings.

Aroma: Lots of vanilla, caramel and oak; sweet, but with a definite bite from the alcohol

Taste: Sweet caramel on the front, but watch out: That is followed quickly by a burn that lasts well into the finish. As it subsided, I picked up notes of chocolate and toffee. Adding a splash of water tamped the fire down, especially in the back, and smoothed things out. Note: Because this bourbon was not chill-filtered (a process that removes fatty acids), if you add ice it’s likely to get cloudy. That won’t affect the taste, it’s just something to be aware of.

Verdict: This rich, chewy bourbon would be great with dessert, ending your meal with an exclamation point. Well worth the price.

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