Willett Single Barrel


Willett Family Estate Bottled Single Barrel

4 years old; proof varies


I recently visited Willett Distillery, just outside Bardstown, Ky., for the first time (see below) and purchased a bottle of their 4-year-old Single Barrel. This one was 113 proof.

Aroma: Very light and sweet; caramel corn and butter.

Taste: Lots of corn sweetness, some caramel. There is a slight burn, but it’s more of a simmer – not nearly as much heat as I would expect from a 113-proof bourbon. I would have guessed this was 90-100 proof.

Verdict: A pleasant bourbon; nice for sipping, if not terribly complex. I would drink this neat; adding ice or water further mellows out an already light, sweet bourbon. 


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