Speakeasy Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

94.4 proof/750ml, no age statement

$30 suggested retail

The story: The label may say this is bottled by the Bardstown Club Distilling Co., but that’s one of many fictitious distillery names used by Willett Distillery. I first encountered Speakeasy at the Willett bar at the Kentucky Bourbon Festival in September. At that time it was not yet available in Kentucky, but I’m happy to say it has arrived. Look for the distinctive big-shouldered bottle and the label picturing a distinguished couple awaiting entrance to a private saloon.

Aroma: Very light, with floral notes and a hint of butterscotch.

Taste: Again, very soft across the palate. Nicely balanced with fresh fruit notes (apple and pear), some nutty flavors from the oak and just a touch of spice at the finish.

Verdict: When I think of the speakeasy days, I think of bathtub gin and firewater whiskey. This Speakeasy could not be further from that – the emphasis is on the “easy.” It’s a very light and drinkable bourbon that would probably pair well with foods. And you don’t even need to know a password to procure it.

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