Happy Pappy Day?


The word went out late Monday: Liquor Barn locations in Louisville would be getting their fall allocations of Pappy on Tuesday. Early yesterday, in temperatures hovering near freezing, the eager faithful stood in line.

Someone remarked that it was like Black Friday for bourbon. The difference is, people stand in line on Black Friday in the hope of getting great deals. People will stand in line for Pappy, the Holy Grail of bourbon, no matter what it costs. ”I don’t even care about the Pappy,” one person told me. “I just love finding things that are hard to find!” 

The fellow above went home happy. Did you? If so, what are your plans for your bottle of Pappy?

A) I’m saving it for a special occasion

B) I already opened it – just finding it is a special occasion

C) I’m a collector

D) I hope to make a profit by selling it on the secondary market  

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