Take the B(eam) Train


Earlier this week I told you that Jim Beam started making collectible decanters in 1952. I was inspired to research that after stumbling across what might be the motherlode of Beam decanters in Wears Valley, Tenn., just outside of Pigeon Forge.

The Wears Valley Antiques Gallery has an entire room of Beam decanters, all purchased from a gentleman in Tennesee whose collection of more than 1,600 decorative bottles was gathering dust in his garage. There are ceramic decanters shaped like historic figures, cowboys and bartenders; cut-glass decanters trimmed in 22-karat gold; and opalescent milk glass decanters.

But the most impressive item in the collection is the Jim Beam train. This set from the late 1950s or early 1960s includes the train tracks, a water tower and 11 cars – all still full of whiskey. It can be yours for just $2,295.99. Or tell Santa this is the train set you’d like to see under the Christmas tree. 



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