“Justified” Whiskey Watch: Season 5, Episode 6

Season 5, Episode 6_from Buffalo TraceThe Crowes had replenished their supply of Wild Turkey 101 in this week’s episode, “Kill the Messenger” (birds of a feather?), but the more interesting pour occurred early in the hour when Danny and Daryl shared some Ancient Ancient Age 10 Year. I recommended this tasty, bargain-priced bourbon a while back in the blog. Unfortunately, and in spite of that, demand for AAA 10 Year, which was only sold in Kentucky, has dwindled to the point that it is no longer commercially viable for distiller Buffalo Trace to produce, spokeswoman Amy Preske tells me. (AAA 10 Star is still available in Kentucky and elsewhere.) So if you see a bottle of 10 Year on a shelf out there, nab it.


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