Wild Turkey Visitor Center


Wild Turkey Cathedral

After getting a taste at the Governor’s Derby Eve Gala of the new Wild Turkey Diamond Anniversary bourbon bottled in honor of master distiller Jimmy Russell’s 60-year career, I made a stop at the distillery’s new Visitors Center on Sunday to pick up a bottle. At 9,140 square feet, the new Visitors Center, which had its grand opening last month, is quite a change from the old one, which, at 1,000 square feet, could barely hold one tour group’s worth of people at a time. It’s designed to evoke a tobacco barn – albeit a very expensive tobacco barn at a cost of $4 million. But inside it is airy and light and filled with interactive displays. It’s been called a cathedral to bourbon, and I think you can see why in the photo above.

Wild Turkey exterior


Exterior, facing Kentucky River

Wild Turkey looking up 

Detail of roof construction


Wild Turkey timeline 

A timeline traces the history of Wild Turkey and Jimmy Russell, from the beginning…

 Wild Turkey timeline 2


…to today.


Wild Turkey interactive display

One of the interactive displays showcases the distillery’s brands.


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  1. Chad Tarwater says:

    We are getting ready to celebrate a retirement and I have to share about my colleague and dear friend. He has only had one job, he has only had one drink of choice and this man is 78 years young!
    Tom Johnston spends roughly $1,000 a month on wild Turkey 101. He will not drink anything else and if you are a restaurant that doesn’t sell wild Turkey products you lost Tom’s business forever!
    I’ve never heard of a story of a tougher man in my whole life. He has traveled the world, well known by CEO’s all over and accomplished!! I want to purchase or do something special for our friend and I need someone’s help to achieve a very special marriage between a man his favorite drink!

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