I Dream of… Jim Beam?


In 1964, the Jim Beam Christmas edition decanter sold for $5.99. On April 28, one of those bottles is expected to bring at least $100,000 at auction. The contents of this bottle made it extra-special, and we’re not talking about whiskey. This bottle served as home for Barbara Eden’s genie on “I Dream of Jeannie,” which ran from 1965-70 on NBC and co-starred Larry Hagman as astronaut Major Tony Nelson.

According to Julien’s Auctions (“The Auction House to the Stars”), which is handling the sale,¬†the show’s first director, Gene Nelson, saw the 14-inch-tall whiskey decanter in the window of a liquor store, says a story in Forbes. The original bottle was smoke-green, but it was hand-painted with gold leaf to make it look antique. When the show switched to color from black-and-white in the second season, the bottles were painted pink and purple.


About 12 of the bottles were used during the series’ 139-episode run. The one being auctioned is the¬†original one that was painted on set, and it will be accompanied by a letter of authenticity from Barbara Eden.


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