Please pardon my Pappy. He’s too young to die.

Upset that the bourbon recovered in PappyGate this week may be destroyed, I’ve appealed to a higher power: Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear. I’m asking him to #PardonMyPappy. Please join the cause, won’t you?


The Honorable Steven L. Beshear

700 Capitol Avenue, Suite 100

Frankfort, Kentucky 40601


Dear Gov. Beshear,

Please pardon my Pappy. He’s too young to die.

He’s only 23 years old — a loyal Kentuckian through and through. He’s never left the rolling fields and gentle streams of the Bluegrass. And he’s worked to improve himself all his young life, sweating through the humid summers and struggling to stay warm on many a cold winter’s night.

There’s no proof he did wrong. But they say they’re going to spill his glorious spirit on the cold hard ground – all because he got caught up with the wrong crowd.

They’re planning to put down his younger buddies, too. Eagle is only 17 years old, and little Turkey can’t be more than 6 or 7. (He might be “wild” but he’s just a youngster.)

You are the leader of the Bourbon State. You have fostered a rebirth of America’s native spirit. You have helped send a rising tide of bourbon across the globe.

I ask you to use your powers as Governor of this great Commonwealth to stop the execution of the stolen barrels and bottles of Pappy Van Winkle, Wild Turkey and Eagle Rare bourbon. When the court case is over and these innocent bystanders are no longer needed, please set them free and let them live out their amber years in My Old Kentucky Home.

Please pardon my Pappy. He’s too young to die.


Carla Carlton

The Bourbon Babe


Readers, if you’d like to join my plea, please sign the petition.

32 Responses to Please pardon my Pappy. He’s too young to die.

  1. Linn Spencer says:

    Perfect! Please add my name to your petition. Thanks.

  2. Beth Lowe says:

    Long live Pappy!!

  3. Timothy D. Easley says:

    Carla, there is no way that I would drink any of that bourbon. Much like a chain of evidence, once that bourbon left the supply chain from the distillery to the distributor it became tainted. Yes, the bottles are still sealed, but what would have prevented the thieves from using a needle to remove product and replace it with something else? Not saying it happened but it could have.And you’ll never be able to say for sure it didn’t. If you want to take the chance and drink it, more power to you, but from a safety standpoint, and a legal standpoint from the distilleries point of view, I wouldn’t sell it. And I sure wouldn’t drink it.

    And before you say that they wouldn’t alter the bourbon… Are you sure? And during WWII, Korea and the Vietnam wars, it happened that booze was altered in such a way…

  4. Bill Roberts says:

    Seems like such a waste.So insurance already covered the loss. Fine. How about selling the highly sought after bourbon to the fans (the guys and gals who love this stuff more than their own children) and give the proceeds to worthy causes. That way, everybody wins!! PS, Pardon our Pappy!!

  5. You make a compelling argument, constable. But the pure food act is the higher power here. The chain of ownership here makes the open containers unknown and unsafe entities. They must die so that others will live. Nothing personal…

    • thebourbonbabe says:

      Hi, Josh, excellent points. I’m not advocating anything that would be harmful to people. But many containers are still sealed.

  6. Cookie Agne says:


  7. Bob Metzger says:

    I would be a shame to waste such exceptional bourbon. Sell it to raise money for charity

  8. Susan Zink says:

    Don’t t waste that glorious bourban.

  9. Deb Prewitt says:

    please pardon pappy

  10. Frances Wright says:

    please allow it to be auctioned for a good cause. It is too valuable a resource to be squandered.

  11. Bryon Arena says:

    They’re innocent bystanders! Not guilty by association! #savepappy

  12. I think they should bottle it and auction it off. Let the proceeds go to helping people in our state.

  13. David Hester says:

    Please pardon the Pappy

  14. Laura Blandford says:

    Couldn’t locate the petition but do they destroy art work that is stolen? No, it gets returned to the owner after the court case. Why is whiskey different? Makes absolutely no sense. The sheriff’s department just wants it for their next barbecue!!!

  15. Bob Hill says:

    At the VERY LEAST allow Pappy to reside in Utica, Indiana for 20 years or so as penance.
    Cleansing visitation from Kentucky friends a distinct possibility.

  16. Andrew Callihan says:


    I’ll gladly adopt a bottle of each, even the wild turkeys!

  17. Emma We says:

    Wrong to pour out Great Whiskey!

  18. James Taylor says:

    Don’t waste “fine” bourbon! That’s alcohol abuse.

  19. Timothy Sommer says:

    I can personally attest to Pappy’s fine character and quality of spirit. Please use your unique position to allow him and his kin to return to society where he will surely make a positive contribution.

  20. chad knutson says:

    Having gotten in trouble a few times with the little turkey. He and is pals do need to be pardoned they didn’t do anything wrong. I believe in second chances.

  21. Matt P says:

    Signed and concurred!!!

  22. Mike Lewis says:

    Save The Bourbon!!!!

  23. Samantha says:

    I never heard about this before, but want to thank you for posting.

    • thebourbonbabe says:

      Thank you for reading, Samantha! Rest assured that I continue to keep tabs on the Pappy held hostage…

  24. Please let this youngster live!

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