My favorite summer cocktail: The Kentucky Mule

Kentucky MuleI don’t know about where you live, but folks, it is warm here in Kentucky. That’s great for the bourbon resting in our warehouses; the summer heat is causing it to expand into the walls of the barrels, where it’s picking up color and flavor. But it’s not so great for those of us who tend to wilt when the thermometer goes above 90 degrees.

When you are sweltering, bourbon might be the last drink┬áthat comes to mind. That’s a warming spirit for sipping next to the fire in the dead of winter, you might say. And you’d be right about that. But the wonderful thing about bourbon is that it’s in season in every season. In the summer heat, it goes down nicely in a cocktail over ice. And my current favorite bourbon cocktail is the Kentucky Mule. A play on the Moscow Mule, it combines bourbon and ginger beer into a lovely refreshment, particularly when it’s served in the classic copper mug.

Ready to cool off? Click here for the recipe.

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  1. Teresa says:

    My favorite too.

  2. Josh says:

    Yes! Ginger and bourbon is an amazing combo. Of course, bourbon and anything is a great combo…

  3. Barry P says:

    I start with some Buffalo Trace over ice cubes, swirl around, add a dash of lemon juice, then fill it up with Canada Dry ginger ale. I am hoping to get some candied ginger pieces for garnishing- have not done that yet.

  4. Barry P says:

    So, a month later, can report that I used a small blender to “infuse” candied ginger, available at the Supermarket, into Goslings Ginger Beer (not everywhere but it’s at high end places). Swirl it around, then add to the glass- prepped with Buffalo Trace over cubed ice. Then I just splashed some lime juice into. Variation was to run crushed ice in the blender- created a foamy drink which held the lime juice a little better. I live at the beach and can report that the Kentucky Mules were a tremendous hit with my beach crowd.

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